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European Championship for Wind Orchestras

The European Championship for Wind Orchestras is an international non-profit association dedicated to the promotion and organisation of a bi-annual European Championship for Wind Orchestras.

The association was discussed and established in a meeting in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on 25th of October 2014.

- The first competition took place on the 21st of May 2016 in Tivoli Vredenburg concert hall, Utrecht, The Netherlands, organised by our Dutch associates KNMO.

- The second competition took place on the 26st of May 2018 in BOZAR Brussels, Belgium, organised by our Belgian associates VLAMO.

- The third competition will take place on 22rd of May 2021 in Mégacité, Amiens, France, and is organised by our French associates CMF.


14 March 2020 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) - More

Dear participants of ECWO 2020, now postponed to 2021.

There will be many questions as a consequence of this decision. There are many procedural questions to address as the ramifications of postponement become apparent. We please request your patience for the moment while we address the various details that are an inevitable response to this decision. Please rest assured that the ECWO Board intend to proceed as planned and published with the least possible disruption incurred and in the hope that all bands currently signed up to 2020 will still be available for 2021.

13 March 2020 - Coronavirus (COVID-19) - ECWO postponed to 2021
The European Championship for Wind Orchestra Association (ECWO) and the local organiser Confédération Musicale de France (CMF) are announcing that the 2020 European Championships for Wind Orchestra scheduled to be held in Amiens, France in May, will be postponed to May 22nd 2021, openning, symposium and gala concert on May 21st.
We are very sorry to have to announce that, in light of the World Health Organisation’s definition of COVID-19 as a pandemic and the growing restrictions being imposed by national governments and other agencies, the European Championships for Wind Orchestras cannot go ahead in France this year as planned. Our first priority is the health and safety of both the orchestras and wider communities and this has been the main factor in making this very tough decision. We have all looked forward to gather and listen to all the delightful music making from European orchestras.
We are happy to announce that we have the possibility to postpone the event for one year. We wish all the orchestras for 2020 welcome to participate in 2021 in Amiens. The orchestras have already put a lot of effort in their preparations and ECWO hope all the good work can be of the benefit in 2021.
Thank you to sponsor Buffet Crampon for understanding the situation.

It is difficult to predict how the situation will look in late May. However, the decision is final.

The ECWO general meeting will be held online May 22nd at 10:00.

EWCO 2022 will go as planned in Bridgewater Hall and Royal Northern Conservatory of music in Manchester.
Hope to see you all in 2021 and 2022
On behalf of
Berit Handegard, David Bulcourt, Ludovic Laurent-Testoris

12 March 2020 - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

....given the unprecedented governmental restrictions on public gatherings across the Europen union that impact on the many of our membership bands and their immediate communities ECWO has called an emergency meeting for Friday 13th March to consider our position re ECWO 2020 in Amiens in the light of the current coronovirus, it's global effect and our commitment to our trans-European members.

23 February 2020 - Ticketing to ECWO 2020

Saturday 23th - Championship

Full price : 15 euros

Reduced price (orchestra in competition, - 15 ans et licence CMF) : 13 euros

Friday 22th at 20h - Gala concert with the Grand Orchestre de la Garde Républicaine

Full price : 20 euros

Reduced price (orchestra in competition, - 15 ans et licences CMF) : 15 euros

5 February 2020 - In addition to the Rules

- To accommodate the participating bands' differing instrumental line-ups, ECWO allows the adding of extra parts to the original score as long as they are provided or approved by the composer and as long as the extra parts are added to the score, made available to the jury, and delivered as separate parts that can then be passed on to other participating bands for th

eir possible use.

- ECWO allows the doubling of parts by instruments that are not in the original orchestration.

28 January 2020

And the jury is :

- Catherine Berg, Norway

- Thomas Trachsel, Switzerland

- Philippe Ferro, France

- Non-voting chairman, Jan van den Eijnden, Netherlands

01 January 2020

ECWO wishes you a happy New Year 2020!

22 November 2019 - The order of play in ECWO 2020

The drawing is executed by the present members of ECWO board and LOC and results in the order below :

1) Germany (Landesblasorchester Baden-Würtemberg)
2) France (L’Orchestre d’Harmonie de la Ville du Havre)
3) Denmark (The Danish Concert Band - Rødovre)
4) Norway (Musikkforeningen Nidarholm )
5) Sweden (Uppsala blåsarsymfoniker )
6) Belgium (Koninklijke Harmonie van Peer )
7) Netherlands (Symfonisch blaasorkest Koninklijke Sophia’s Vereeniging )
8) United Kingdom (XBY Concert Band )
9) Slovenia (Krka Wind Orchestra)

18 November 2019 - Ticketing to ECWO 2020

The ticketing to ECWO 2020 will be online on the French platform «Helloasso».

The sale opens 3 months prior to the event.

3 September 2019 - Test piece 2020

Alexandre Kosmicki, "Danse satanique" (10'30'') published by HAFABRA Music

When you go on-line to get the test piece via HAFABRA, it doesn't appear in the new catalogue listing other than on the CD list for Les Maitres Sorciers. You have to go to "sheet music" then "composers", then KOSMICKI Alexandre, "Danse Satanique" is the first piece listed.

13 June 2019 - The rules for ECWO 2020 are available.

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