Competition 2023

European Championship for Wind Orchestras



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The date for the upcoming ECWO 2023 is confirmed : you can mark Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May 2023 in your calendars! Wind Bands from all over Europe will gather in Mégacité Amiens (France) to give their best performance and ultimately win the title of European Champion!

You can find the rules for ECWO 2023 here and a new schedule below!

The board of ECWO and the French organisers have decided to split ECWO into a more convenient two day schedule which will open up the possibility of allowing a Swiss orchestra to participate bringing the total up to ten bands.

The original idea was that the orchestras should play their own chosen program one day and the test piece the next day.

As this might present a challenge to the travel arrangements of some bands. We will therefore adapt the program to accommodate five orchestras playing their whole program on Saturday afternoon and five on Sunday morning, or, alternatively six on one day and four the next.

The orchestras can select which day they prefer, but ECWO reserves the right to alter the placement of orchestras to retain a balance to the schedule for both days.

We ask each orchestra to nominate their preferred performance day that would fit best with their travel arrangements.  Reply to within 1st May 2021

Running order

Saturday 6th May

1 - Uppsala Blåsarsymfoniker (Sweden)

2 - The Danish Concert Band - Rødovre (Denmark)

3 - Musikkforeningen Nidarholm (Norway)

4 - Symfonisch blaasorkest Koninklijke Sophia’s Vereeniging (Netherlands)

5 - Pihalni orkester Krka/Krka Wind Orchestra (Slovenia)

Sunday 7th May

1 - Koninklijke Harmonie van Peer (Belgium)

2 - L’Orchestre d’Harmonie de la Ville du Havre (France)

3 - Landesjugendblasorchester Rheinland Pfalz (Germany)

4 - Blasorchester Siebnen (Switzerland)