Symposium 2018

Vlamo and the ECWO board are pleased to present “The impact of playing music on society”, an international symposium preceding ECWO 2018. On the eve of the second European Championship for Wind Orchestras, we hope to inspire you with thoughts and reflections about the social impact of making music.


Making music is not just an act of creativity. When playing music together, we improve our social skills and we create an impact on our environment. Why is this so important? What are the advantages and opportunities of this creative and social act? Can society benefit from it? A panel of three speakers will take up these questions and together with us, discuss the social impact of making music.


Harrie Reumkens (NL), artistic manager of the World Music Concours (WMC) Kerkrade (NL), advocates the importance of changing social relationships in (local) communities and the impact it has on our orchestras and vice versa.


Lukas Pairon (BE) is a doctoral student at Ghent University and the founding member of the international research platform SIMM (Social Impact of Making Music). He will address the main research focus of SIMM: the potential social impact of the act of learning and making music from the perspective of those who participate in socially engaged music programs.


Bill Connor (UK), president of BASBWE (UK) and member of ECWO will present his (interactive) view on the social impact of making music. How can music be a tool to strengthen social bonding and communication?


After the presentations, we invite you to join a more profound discussion of the presented topics. In small groups, we will exchange thoughts and reflect upon these matters, to create a dialogue between the participants of the symposium.


We will conclude the symposium with a general summary and the official opening of ECWO 2018, followed by the opening reception.



13h00 - Welcome with coffee

13h30 - Opening of the symposium by Geert Vandenwijngaert - Conference host and secretary of Vlamo

13h35 - Presentations by Harrie Reumkens, Lukas Pairon and Bill Connor

15h00 - Coffee break

15h30 - Discussion in small groups

16h20 - Report of the discussion groups by the keynote speakers

16h30 - Musical intermezzo by the laureates of the Vlamo contest for soloists and chamber music 2018

16h40 - Official opening of ECWO 2018

17h00 - Reception

18h00 - End of the symposium



International Round Table Conference 2016

Prior to the first European Championship for Wind Orchestras (ECWO), which was held on May 21st, 2016 by KNMO in the TivoliVredenburg concert hall in Utrecht, an International Round Table Conference (IRTC) took place on May 20th. The conference was organised by KNMO in cooperation with ECWO and WASBE (World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles).

The summary of this event can be found here: