ECWO 2018 Results

With 97,92 points, the winner of ECWO2018 is Harmonie St. Michael van Thorn.

On the second place with 95,92 points we have Lillestrom Musikkorps (N)

And third place with 95,50 points was won by Koninklijke Harmonie Sint-Cecilia Rotem (BE)

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Best soloist performance was won by the Solo Clarinet of KH Sint-Cecilia Rotem (BE).

Best sectional performance was won by the Trombones of The Danish Concert Band (DK).

Best performance of the test piece was won by Harmonie St. Michael van Thorn (NL).

Final Results

1. Harmonie St. Michael van Thorn 97,92

2. Lillestrom Musikkorps 95,92

3. Koninklijke Harmonie Sint-Cecilia Rotem 95,50

4. Blasorchester Siebnen 95,33

5. The Danish Concert Band 94,00

6. Birmingham Symphonic Winds 89,75

7. Uppsala Blasarsymfoniker 88,33

8. Orchestre d’Harmonie de l’électricite de strasbourg 87,38

9. Union Musical Villamayorense 86,08

Adjudicators: Mark Heron (UK), Annick Villanueva (FR) and Jan van der Roost (B), with independent non-voting chairman of the jury Jan van den Eijnden (NL).