Jazeps Medins Rigas Music Secondary Schools symphonic wind band

JMRMV symphonic wind band is one of the oldest symphonic wind band`s in Latvia. Shortly after founding the school in 1927, when it discovered the woodwind and brass class, they established a training orchestra in 1947, which carries the name of Jazeps Medins. From the beginninig of the orchestra it has worked with many famous conductors like Gunars Licis, Janis Kronitis, Nikolajs Savkovs, Ivars Trofimovs, Maris Martinsons, Janis Purins, Peteris Plume, Leons Amolins etc. The history of the orchestra includes several successful periods, as well as less successful operations which are moments when the orchestras existence has been threatened. Over the past five years, the orchestra has become a serious player among the Latvian amateur wind orchestras. Under the guidence of the conductors Janis Retenais and Andis Karelis, the orchestra has set high achievements and goals. During those five years, the band has produced countless of concerts and delighted their audiences with high-quality professionally prepared programs. Since 2010, the orchestra is a regular international "Riga BRASS SYMPOSIUM" closing concert participant, where he has performed together with such world stars like Michael Lind (tuba), Niels-Ole Bo Johansen, Mogens Andresens (trombone), Olivje Darbellay (french horn), Raijer Dorestain, William Richardson, Janis Porietis (trumpet), and always tried to find new Latvian brass talents and the next professionals such as Guntis Supe, Janis Auzins, Janis Grudinskis (trumpet), Janis Kagis, Kaspars Smits, Kaspars Orehovs (tuba), Anna Marija Novicane, Janis Pusplatais, Ugis Strauja (euphonium), Arturs Hrustalovs (trombone). Regularly participating in the Baltic brass band and ensemble forum, the orchestra conductors, creating concert programs, has collaborated with the Baltic states and Scandinavian famous brass band conductors such as Timmo Kotilainen (Finland), Peter Side, Priit Sons (Estonia) Vigants Rekasi, Egidijs Alishausks (Lithuania ), Alexander Koops (USA). Also the orchestra regularly produces a variety of Christmas programs in collaboration with the high school choir and conductor Janis Baltins, as well as the Independence Day program, which includes a repertoire with an appropriate selection. The orchestras repertoire includes entertaining pieces, ranging from jazz, rock n roll and rock style, that are easily to comprehend and listen to. The woodwind and brass orchestras repertoire is very extensive and interesting to every visitor. Also the orchestra is an excellent practice location for the future wind orchestra conductors, in the 4th year of school for students who learn orchestral conducting, has the experience of working with this orchestra.

The frame for this orchestra are JMRMV students who have chosen a professional music career and develop their skills in both individual specialty classes at the Latvian leading wind instrument performers and educators and  orchestral concerts, which is a very important part of the way to their professional career. Also the orchestra is regularly joined by school graduates and professionals who, for various reasons, have been switched their musician's career for something else. The band is always open to anyone who wants to create music and to experience the true spirit of a team, cooperating with different generations of musicians and conductors.


Cerebral Vortex - Øyvind Moe

Fantasy Variations - James Barnes

La Gazza Ladra (Overture) - Gioacchino Rossini, arr. Franco Cesarini

Godzilla Eats Las Vegas - Eric Whitacre


Jazeps Medins Rigas Music Secondary Schools symphonic wind band, conducted by Janis Retenais and Andis Karelis. (Click to enlarge)

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