Christiania Blåseensemble

Christiania Blåseensemble (Christiania Wind Ensemble) was founded in September 2008 by students at the Norwegian Academy of Music.The ensemble is created with the intention to offer music students to play in a wind band with a high level. CBE do concerts with standard repertoire for wind bands. Annually, CBE also participates in the elite division in the norwegian championship for wind bands.  The members of the ensemble consist mainly of current students at the Norwegian Academy of Music and Barratt Due Music Institute, and doing projects in different genres, both standard repertoar for Wind bands, symphonic transcriptions and newly written Music by Norwegian Composers.

This year, in the Norwegian championship, we played a piece written for us, by the Norwegian Composer Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen. Christiania Wind Ensemble do have mainly Three Projects annually, and have been working With some of the greatest Norwegian conductors, as Ole-Kristian Ruud, Bjarte Engeset and Cathrine Winnes. So far this year, we have been working With the conductor Trond Husebø.


Fanfare and Choral - Egil Hovland

Azraeel Suite - Albert Schnelzer

"In Brief" - Olav Berg

Cerebral Vortex - Øyvind Moe

Variasjoner over en folketone fra Valdres - Stig Nordhagen

Visit their facebookpage here, but be warned, the language is mostly norwegian!

The official picture of the orchestra, Christiania Blåseensemble. (Click to enlarge)