Participants 2018 - part 3
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Participants 2018 - part 3

18h00 - 21h30 (The Netherlands - Belgium - Switzerland)

The Netherlands

Harmonie St. Michael van Thorn


The orchestra was founded in 1863 in Thorn, a Dutch historic village with a flourishing cultural life.


St. Michael received numerous 1st prizes in both national- and international competitions. During the last decades, the orchestra gave more than 200 performances in over 50 different concert halls.


Koninklijke Harmonie Sint-Cecilia Rotem


The Koninklijke Harmonie Sint-Cecilia Rotem was established in 1897.


Since 2007 they’re ranked in the Superior Division in Belgium. Sint-Cecilia Rotem received several prizes in different competitions at home and abroad.


Blasorchester Siebnen


The Blasorchester Siebnen, founded in 1898 in the village of Siebnen, is one of the leading symphonic wind orchestras in Switzerland for 30 years.


Innovative concerts, major projects and regular participation in competitions distinguish the Blasorchester.

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